Crime as a Calculable Risk

Properties are more than just property. As with any investment, the true worth of real estate is tied into its value over time. Just like the many environmental factors that affect a property’s worth over its lifetime, an area’s crime presence significantly impacts value.

Agents and investors already understand the value of data science, and what it can do for them. Now Crimer brings the future of data science techniques to the discipline of criminology.

Take a Sneak Peek into the Future

Crimer provides both agents and resellers with reliable, data-driven crime forecasts. Whether it’s choosing to sell or invest in a property, Crimer provides an intelligent edge over the competition.

While other location-oriented crime prediction services use outdated and myopic hotspot methods, Crimer considers factors like weather, time, location, terrain, population density, and others in its calculations. Crimer’s multi-dimensional analysis tracks crime trends as they change from location to location, staying accurate and relevant for up to years in advance.

Sell with Confidence

No one sells a house without knowing what weather conditions will likely affect its value. Why should it be any different with crime? Why shouldn’t local drug abuse, robberies, and violent crimes affect your valuations?

Customers always want to know what crime is like in the nearby area, not just for their financial safety, but for their personal safety, and for the safety of their loved ones as well. Why shouldn’t you have that information available and readily accessible? Why shouldn’t you have more than just an educated guess based off of minimal data?

No more guessing around. Crimer’s easy to use, extremely customizable prediction platform is tailor-made to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Sell with confidence, and operate with the knowledge that one of the most powerful commercially available crime prediction services is part of your information network.