Behind the code, the multidimensional analyses, and the AI, Crimer was designed to do one thing: keep people safe. It doesn’t just stop at prediction. Crimer aims to provide policemen and civilians alike with the information they need to prepare for, and ultimately prevent, crime.

Crimer isn’t a massive faceless corporation. They don’t want a monopoly, vertical or horizontal. Crimer is a small, focused team that believes in open source principles and works with a single goal in mind. Analyze, predict, inform.

Because Crimer believes that people are safest when they’re informed.

Alexander Adams

Chief Executive Officer

An LSU graduate, Alexander has a passion for data science. In 2018, Alexander started the Crimer project – an initiative to bring crime prediction into the machine learning age – and has remained closely tied to the Louisiana startup scene ever since. Alexander maintains an interest in AI research and his alma mater’s computer science program.

Charles Glass

Chief Operating Officer

An LSU graduate student specializing in cybersecurity, Charles first joined the Crimer team in the fall of 2018. Originally working on the front-end demo, Charles has since then been responsible for business operations. In his free time he enjoys Baduk, exercise, and playing piano.

Scott Johnson

Head of Engineering

A UC Berkeley Master of Engineering graduate focusing on Data Science and Systems, Scott began working for Crimer in the spring of 2019, creating the first version of its website. Scott’s hobbies include programming and video games.

Taylor Mathews

Head of Mobile Development

Taylor “TJ” Mathews is an LSU computer science graduate with a concentration in data science and analytics. TJ started working for Crimer in the summer of 2019 as a back-end developer. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, basketball, competitive video games, and learning the piano.

Ben Geiss

Software Architect

An LSU computer science graduate, Ben’s passions lie in data structures and requirements engineering. Ben joined Crimer in the spring of 2019. When he’s not working on Crimer, Ben spends his free time playing video games and participating in competitive coding.

William Woodfin

Scrum Master

William is an LSU computer science graduate with a concentration in cybersecurity. When he’s not working with his team at Crimer, William enjoys workouts, video games, volleyball, and random educational videos on the internet.

Madeline Yi

Head of User Experience

An art student at LSU, Madeline designs the user interface and manages the useability for many of Crimer’s projects. Madeline enjoys video games, watching anime, baking, playing with her cat Moony, and coding.

Daniel Atkinson

Adjunct Software Engineer

A spring 2021 LSU graduate, Daniel studied computer science with a concentration in software engineering. Daniel enjoys the guitar, listening to music, and playing competitive video games with his friends.

Kymbrarly Hoyt

Admin Assistant

From scheduling, to event organizing, to preparing the meeting minutes, Kym has a hand in most of the background operations at Crimer. When she’s not keeping the wheels spinning, she enjoys video games, painting, and chilling with her fiance and cats.

Meet the Partners in Crime

Everyone in Crimer

Crimer was founded in 2018 by computer scientists from Louisiana State University. Crimer believes in making the world a safer place through the application of machine learning and cutting-edge data science techniques. Crimer holds firm to the conviction that the principled and ethical advancement and application of AI and machine learning technologies is beneficial to humanity.