Protect your bottom line

What brings customers to your doors isn’t just competitive prices. It isn’t just the quality of your products or the flashiness of your advertising. What keeps customers coming back is reliability, and the reputation that it brings.

Crime hurts your business, not just because of losses due to theft or robbery. The presence of crime in or around businesses can crucially damage a brand. No one wants to shop somewhere when their personal safety is at risk, and no one wants to bother ordering when they know their deliveries are likely to be stolen.

Crimer keeps you ahead of crime trends in your area. Unlike traditional hotspot methods, Crimer includes far more than just past crime data in its calculations. Crimer considers weather, terrain, time, location, population density, and other factors to accurately track crime trends, even up to several years in advance.

Crimer provides:

Area risk analysis

Avoid losses from theft and reduce insurance premiums by operating in low risk areas.

Improved customer relations

Reports of theft and missing deliveries can take up a considerable amount of customer service calls. Build trust and save precious time communicating with your customers. Crimer lets you focus on the relations building aspect of customer service.

Scalable savings

Crimer’s actionable information platform provides benefits for organizations of any size. As your business grows, Crimer’s potential savings scale up with you.

Intelligent theft prevention solutions

Fight porch piracy by requiring delivery companies to request signatures in high risk zones, and alert customers electronically when delivering to these locations.

Soft security

Predict and prevent shoplifting in brick and mortar businesses, improving the general perception of security in your location.

Take control of your business. Crimer’s easy to use, extremely customizable prediction platform is tailor-made to suit your individual needs and preferences.