Using Data to Improve Lives

Cities plan events to draw new residents, earn revenue, and promote a sense of community. These events can be vital to a city’s well-being, and the presence of crime can be stifling to them.

Outside of events, crime negatively impacts communities overall, increasing tax burdens, reducing productivity through criminality, and decreasing social and financial investment in the community. Maintaining public security and the social capital of the people within is vital for the health of communities.

How Crimer Helps You

Unlike traditional hotspot methods, Crimer includes far more than just past crime data in its calculations. Crimer considers weather, terrain, time, location, population density, and other factors to accurately track crime trends, even up to several years in advance. Crimer’s reliable models help you improve and keep your communities safe through:

Improved Event Planning

Keep event staff and attendees safe by planning events in low crime probability zones. Route parades through areas that maximize visibility while minimizing risk.

Strategic Community Outreach

Reduce violent crimes through strategically planned outreach programs. Keep a step ahead of crime trends by working with law enforcement to ethically prevent criminal behavior.

Intelligent Urban Development

Parks as a public recreational space can’t function when crime is prevalent. Plan parks and other public spaces in areas where crime is less likely to occur.

No two cities face the same set of challenges. Crimer’s easy to use, extremely customizable prediction platform is tailor-made to suit your city’s individual needs and preferences.