The Plain Truth

In times of great loss, insurance exists to get people back on their feet. It’s a wonderful service, but it’s not one that’s done for free. Insurance agencies aren’t charities, and to make sure they can keep helping people, they rely on clients buying into their system and hopefully not cashing out. To put it crudely, the insurance market is one great gamble, and insurance companies are the house.

Keep the Odds in Your Favor

Crimer puts you one step ahead of outdated hotspot methods by actively predicting which areas are likely to experience crime in the future, not just showing where crime has happened in the past. Crimer accurately predicts crime trends as they migrate due to weather, events, terrain, and police presence.

Sort by Crime

Crimer categorizes predicted crime incidence, allowing the user to isolate crimes like arson, vandalism, or larceny – crimes relevant to different insurance policies.

Health Risk Management

Understand the potential risks to your clients. Crimer predicts and tracks violent crimes and drug use in an area.

Theft Prediction

Accurately assess the risks of car theft and damage. Crimer markedly improves an agency’s comprehensive auto insurance policies.

White Collar Crime Prevention

Crimer also evaluates the risks of non-violent crimes such as fraud and embezzlement.