In the Right Place, at the Wrong Time

Ambulances can’t be everywhere. In order to swiftly respond to accidents and violent crimes, emergency medical services have to choose where they can afford to station and patrol their vehicles. They don’t always have the information they need to choose correctly.

A Newer Solution

There’s a limit to what hotspot methods can say about future crime incidence. Without accounting for the many other factors that affect crime risk, hotspots can only show where crimes have occurred in the past. Crimer’s sophisticated platform considers weather, events, terrain, police presence and a variety of other factors in its predictions, making it one of the most reliable crime prediction services on the market.

Different areas require different solutions. That’s why Crimer’s easy to use, extremely customizable prediction platform is tailor-made to suit your individual needs and preferences. Crimer lets you:

Path Efficiently

Keep your ambulances closer to where they will be needed. Crimer shows probable high-risk zones that require extra attention and resources.

Staff as Needed

Tired EMTs are error-prone EMTs. Keep your staff in their best conditions by anticipating periods of high and low activity through Crimer’s predictions.

Sort by Crime

Separately view predictions for violent crime and drug abuse. Crimer shows exactly what sort of risks your staff will likely face.

Be prepared. Crimer keeps you ahead of crime trends so you’re never caught unaware of even the most rapid developments.