Crime prediction of the future


Why use Crimer?

We use cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to assess the risk of crime happening at any given location and time. By arming individuals, businesses, and police departments with this information we enable them to respond to their own unique crime situation.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

On average, patrol officers are idle for 70% of their shifts.1Famega 2005, p. 394.1 Through our patent pending crime prediction system, police departments can better assign their officers when and where they’re needed the most.

Risk Reduction

Crime presence introduces risks to health, profits, and reputation. Crimer minimizes these risks by providing organizations with real-time crime prediction.

Open Source Technology

We strive to make all our core services as free and as open source as possible. Organizations can use CrimeRadar as a no-cost drop-in replacement while integrating their existing system with our API.

Developer-Friendly API

We offer a 99% uptime API service that provides forecasts for your area based on your specifications. Our world-class documentation will make it easy to get started with Crimer's robust API.

National Coverage

Our service is not limited by location. Subscribing to Crimer's API service can unlock crime predictions across the entire United States.

The Whole Shebang

We don't rely on police data, so our clients can begin utilizing our cutting-edge prediction platform immediately. By compiling data from a variety of sources, we offer a more complete picture of a crime incident than a single report can provide.