Times are Changing

Before a patrol officer gets a call from dispatch, before their foot ever touches the gas pedal, intense exchanges of information have already taken place. The simple act of maintaining a visible police presence, linked positively to the deterrence in crime, requires deep and complicated analyses. It’s not a stretch to say that lives depend on officers being at the right place at the right time.

Now, more than ever, as departments continue to spread their force ever thinner to cover a growing population, an officer’s most valued asset is intelligence they can rely on. Unfortunately, they often find that in critically short supply. Departments spend billions implementing unproveable experimental software, just to try to stay ahead. Frankly, reliable information hasn’t been keeping up with the times. But that changes now.

Welcome to the New Paradigm

Officers don’t have to be minutes away when every second counts. Officers can be there hours before anything even starts. Crimer’s demonstrably accurate crime prediction software puts officers where they need to be, when they need to be there. Crimer saves time by putting officers closer to predicted crime hot zones, saving lives by preventing crime through police presence.

Crimer dramatically improves police time efficiency, reducing the overwork and staffing problems many departments suffer from. Uniquely, Crimer also allows departments to set targeted goals by aiming to reduce certain types of predicted crimes through heavier patrol and community outreach.

Crimer also saves time at the office by handling and analyzing terabytes of crime data, leaving investigators free to draw their conclusions more quickly, and with the full confidence that having a powerful and sophisticated crime analysis resource at your back brings.

How Crimer Makes the Difference

Traditional hotspot methods work by collecting previous crime incident data and using it to infer where future crime is likely to take place. The problem with this approach is that it assumes crime hotspots aren’t likely to change locations over time. In reality, crime hotspots shift frequently, disappearing and reappearing in different locations sometimes overnight.

Crimer considers far more than just past crime data in its calculations. Crimer’s advanced machine learning algorithms compiles information from police reports, dispatch radio, and even social media, and assigns risk based on weather, terrain, time, location, population density, and other publicly available data. By doing this, Crimer accurately tracks crime trends, even up to several years in advance.

Stay a step ahead of crime. Crimer’s easy to use, extremely customizable prediction platform is tailor-made to suit your department's individual needs and preferences.